Annual Report 2011 

Published February 2012
As we reach the end of our first year of business and finalise our Accounts for 2011 it is time to reflect on what we have achieved.

Fulbourn Day Centre was formed by a group of local carers who were opposed to the closure of the Day Centre at Home Close. The carers consulted with the people affected by the closures and through a steering group, chaired by the Parish Council, possible solutions were explored. As a result of this work the charity ĎFulbourn Day Centreí was created and today provides older peopleís day-care from the community centre at Chaplinís Close. It also runs a successful lunch club every Friday at the Fulbourn Institute.


The stated aims of our Day Centre are:

a)    To support the care & wellbeing of the elderly in our community

b)   To provide sustainable care in Fulbourn in perpetuity

c)    To support carers

d)   To make day-care affordable for all

e)   To provide day-care services five days a week


Our Trustees are:

         John Rickett, Chair

         Terry Fretwell, Treasurer

         Jane Gaskell

         Richard Townley

         Christina Rowland-Jones MBE



           The creation of a successful community led charity that provided over 150 days of care, thatís over 1,800 day-care places, for  some of the most elderly and frail members of our community

           Successful partnerships with Cambridgeshire County Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council and the care agencies Crossroads Care and Care Network

           The provision of a broad range of services  to stimulate mind and body, to promote friendship and social interaction, to entertain and offer a hot nutritional meal

           Professional staff who manage the day-to-day running of the Centre and are able to provide support for attendees with many physical and mental disabilities including Dementia, Strokes and Alzheimerís

           During the year, we hosted dance classes, sing-a-longís, coffee mornings, a visit to the Imperial War Museum and a wonderful Christmas lunch

           We developed policies and procedures to support good working practice within our organisation including a written Constitution, a Health and Safety policy, the Protection of Vulnerable Adults policy, Equal Opportunities policy, the Protection of the Environment policy and a Volunteering policy



In 2011, the turnover of Fulbourn Day Centre was £32,066. We carried a surplus of £2,192 forward into 2012. Cambridgeshire County Council part subsidised our Day for the first five months of operation which means that in 2012 we will need an income of over £45,000 to maintain the current level of services. Our sources of income and spending for 2011 are summarised below.



To find out more about our Day Centre visit www.fulbourndaycentre.org.uk or contact us on 01223 700065.



In this edition of our newsletter we report on our entry in the Terry Willson Memorial trophy and our visit to Duxford Imperial War Museum. We speculate on plans for the new Youth Centre in Fulbourn and how it could help the elderly and finally, we wish a fond farewell to one of our founding members.


When you think of Fulbourn Day Centre for the elderly you donít usually associate it with football but thanks to the Trustees of Fulbourn Football Club, who did, our Day Centre will be the beneficiary of this yearís event.

We are delighted to be associated with this worthy cause and are very grateful for their support. Good luck to everyone taking part.


When the County Council visited our Day Centre back in April their feedback was really positive. They reported that the overall atmosphere was relaxed warm and welcoming and they spoke very highly of our staff, the lunches and refreshments and our choice of activities. However, they reported that our attendees expressed a wish to have more days out so we organised a visit to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford paid for by the generous donations of individuals and charities in our community.

It was a wonderful day out for the 20 people who attended and even on the bus going home we were already planning our next trip.

NEW YOUTH CENTRE could support the elderly

As the Parish Council and planners continue to push forward with plans for a new youth centre at the recreation ground the Trustees of Fulbourn Day Centre have put in a request to make the new centre multifunctional and allow it to be used as a Day Centre when not being used by the youth (i.e. during school hours). While the needs of the two groups are very different we believe it is vitally important for both the youth and the elderly to be at the centre of our community and both need to  interact and respect the needs of the other. We hope you will support our request to provide provision for the elderly within this fantastic new facility.


Finally, we bid a fond farewell to Tom Rickett who was Fulbourn Day Centreís very first member and a great supporter of our campaign to keep day care in the village.

Tom moved to Fulbourn in 1961 working for Pye Telecom and later Philips in Cambridge. He was well known and liked in the village and will miss him at the Day Centre.

Tom Rickett

1927 Ė 2011

Rest In Peace


In this edition of our newsletter we cover our new partnership agreement with Crossroads Cambridgeshire,   recent media attention and our ongoing funding challenge.

Crossroads Care Cambridgeshire Agreement

We are delighted to announce that we have just signed a partnership agreement with Crossroads Care Cambridgeshire which will ensure we have the professional staff to continue to provide a Day Centre in Fulbourn beyond March and hopefully in perpituity. When we opened our doors last November Crossroads Care provided the staffing under a short term arrangement organised by Cambridgeshire County Council.  From 1st April Crossroads will provide services directly to Fulbourn Day Centre under this new partnership agreement.


Friday Lunch Club

In January we launched a new lunch club at the Fulbourn Institute aimed at the more active senior residents of Fulbourn. The aim is to offer an affordable and delicious two-course meal followed by live entertainment. Lisa Marie Bowman kicked off the first event with an hour of songs from the 40ís and 50ís. Future events include dance classes, comedians, sing-alongís and even a bit of pottery.

The lunch club starts at 12.30pm each Friday and usually finishes around 2.45pm. It costs just £6.50. Fantastic value for an afternoon of great food and entertainment.


NB. We rely on volunteers for our entertainment so if you, or someone you know, can help please let us know.


Media Attention

At the Day Centre our attendees are getting quite used to putting on their Sunday best and meeting the press. In December we spent the day with the team from BBC Look East who wanted to highlight our community-led project to keep a day centre in Fulbourn. This was followed by an official visit by Councillor Charlie Nightingale, Chairman of South Cambridgeshire District Council who own Chaplinís Close Community Centre.

Now Cambridgeshire County Council have picked up our story and featured us in several of their publications as an example of ďLocalismĒ.

Our Funding Challenge

When we started back in November one of the big unknowns was how it was going to be funded and indeed, what it would cost to run. We had no idea at the time if anyone would use the day centre or pay us for attending.

Three months on and we have a much better idea of our income and outgoings and it does not take an accountant to know that our costs will be higher than our income. Our estimate for the year projects a shortfall of £5,500. To reduce this shortfall we have been applying for grants and appealed to local charities for support. Through these efforts we have managed to raise an additional £2,000 but we are still some way short of our target. If you can offer financial help or perhaps some corporate sponsorship, we would be delighted to hear from you.

In April we will be increasing our charges to narrow this funding gap but we remain committed to our core objective of making Day Care affordable for all and we will not turn anyone away just because they canít afford to pay.


 News - December 2010

From John Rickett, Chair of Trustees

I am delighted to welcome you to Fulbourn Day Centre and to share our very first Newsletter with you.

Since 1st November we have been operating a Day Centre in the village of Fulbourn for those over 65 years of age. It is open on Monday and Tuesday and operates at Chaplinís Close Community Centre between 9am and 3pm.


Professionally qualified staff currently operate the Centre and we offer a hot two-course meal, made on site with fresh ingredients, and a range of interesting activities to stimulate and entertain. Our aim is to provide a great day out while managing any specific needs attendees may have.

Fulbourn Day Centre is a new charity formed by local villagers in response to the closure of Home Close Day Centre.

Our stated aims are:

      To support the care & wellbeing of the elderly in our community;

      To provide sustainable care in Fulbourn in perpetuity;

      To support carers;

      To make day care affordable for all.

Charity Registration & Membership

Our intention is to become a Registered Charity as soon as we meet the Charity Commissions criteria. Membership is by subscription. 658 people signed our petition (35% of all households in the village) and we hope a good number of these will now become members. Please do your bit by encouraging others to join us. As well as subscribers, we are also looking for Trustees with either Accountancy or Marketing backgrounds. If you can help please give us a call.

Other Activities Planned

In addition to the Day Centre at Chaplinís Close we have plans to offer trips to Newmarket Day Centre on Wednesdays, a bus pick-up and drop-off to the Six Bells Pensioners lunch on Thursdays and lunch at Fulbourn Institute on Fridays. Watch this space for more details.

Volunteer drivers needed

We have been delighted with the response from across the community to our request for volunteer helpers. However, to date we have only been able to use a few of you. We still need volunteer drivers and in particular, we are keen to hear from anyone who has experience driving a Minibus.



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